Monday, November 16, 2009

black friday fff #9

want to experiment with erotica, plus 9's the magic number and this flash fiction was set on black friday so this should be good, right?

all that was left was a little indigo triangle covering the barest (or about to be) of necessities, held in place by a less-than-sturdy-looking string. she shivered slightly against the breeze that licked her nipples into tiny pebbles on its promenade through the upstairs gallery, but a defiant stare met the gaze that beheld her. her unashamedness was half the appeal, the other half was natural allure. no makeup or perfume, no fancy dan, no enhancement of any kind, because none was needed.
“mama, look woman…” i couldn’t help muttering my amazement out loud, wishing i could be as confident in my skin with my body exposed to the world.
the cat snaked past her dress on the ground, taking the time to weave its way between her legs, smoothly curved dark chocolate pillars begging to be licked and stroked, and this curious kitten took full advantage. i was jealous, wanting to rub the side of my warm face against her calf, run my nails up her instep and follow with my tongue as far as it would reach. i swore the damn cat smirked at me from between her ankles, more-than-usual self-satisfaction splitting her furry black face into a grin to rival alice’s toothy cheshire.
she grinned back at the cat, “insert prerequisite pussy joke here...” and picked her up, returning the adoration. this cat never liked anybody, but they were made for each other, sleek+sensual, strength belied by grace.
still caressing the now-purring cat she asked, “you sure you want this? no shame if you frighten…”
“i scared, i cyah lie. but i not letting that stop me.”
“i’ll take it easy on you. come…” she turned and walked over to the low stone wall at the edge of the gallery, “and bring the wine.”
i joined her and the cat looking out at the view of town laid out in lights, to the cat’s apparent displeasure – her purrs became almost a low growl until she realised my proximity didn’t affect the attention she was basking in, clearly determined to get hers even if i didn’t get mine.
i set the glasses on the ledge and poured for us, noticing the cat seemed miffed that she didn’t have her own. she cut those gorgeous tiger-eyes sideways at me and i found myself apologising to her, as ridiculous as that felt. she seemed more comfortable in this moment and more knowledgeable about how please a beautiful woman than i did and i almost wished we could switch places, just until lust swallowed my nervousness more completely. i wondered if this is how men feel their first time, or if being man provides all the confidence one needs…
she sipped her wine, turning just enough to make four eyes with me over the rim of her glass. she smiled, slowly, and i felt her warmth even without her touch. she winked, drained her glass in one long swallow and put the cat on the ledge, and a moment later her soft mouth was pressed against my neck.

as her lips trailed fire over my collarbone i exhaled the last of my anxiety and let myself slide into desire…

walk good.


Blogger crazyfool said...

though i felt jealous of the cat too, i wanna read dirtier, messier, sloppier, wetter. i know you've got it in you. beautifully written. nice work.

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