Monday, August 31, 2009

salvation on delivery?

the other day, txts frm lst nght said this:
"found a dugout with weed in it in dad's car. decided to top up the weed compartment with salvia. for fun."
i'm horrified. been horrified since i read it, so much so that i copied+pasted the text for future contemplation/discussion.
i tried salvia divinorum in d.c. wanted to try it again but never did. too scared, not because it was bad, but scared in a way that tells me nobody should ever sneak salvia into someone else's consciousness. it should always be voluntarily consented to.
we did advance research and the stash came with instructions/warnings but in hindsight i didn't take on warnings about speed of delivery enough because 3-5minutes for the tiny dosage recommended (2hits; not even close to filling a pipe) just seemed impossible to my limited range of experience with drugs. it was more like 90seconds. hit me so fast i didn't know i was under the influence and freaked out about random shit before we knew what was happening. then the whole world was made of streaming yellow #2 pencils, myself dangerously included. as i sank back into the couch (and it felt like a neverending subsiding into eternal pillows) trying to suck o2 into my yellow-pencil-lungs the cartoon women on the tv became real, i suddenly had houseguests while i was high and the house was a mess and the world was made of streaming pencils except for the how clean is your house programme intro and i tried to interact with the ladies, then my brain exploded into light and i saw the answer to life, the universe and everything and it all made sense but by the time i had the prescence of mind to grab a notebook and writing utensil it was over, the room was its usual self again and i'd completely forgotten the vision. i felt like a part of my brain that had never seen light was briefly exposed and i desperately wanted to open it up again except that, strangely, the further the moment receded the more i felt the experience was like being hit over the head with a bag of bricks and i never gathered the right mind to approach it again. i wanted the answer but not the whatever-else-i-couldn't-put-my-finger-on bag-of-bricks part.
now, of course, the post-strangeness has itself receded and i wish i'd had time to get past it and try it again before i left d.c.
either way, setting somebody up to smoke what they think is grass but is actually salvia is fucking dangerous, especially if the stash in question's kept in the car- nobody needs to drive when being hit over the head instantaneously by a bag of bricks they expected to be a slowly-downward-drifting pillow. that's fucked up and dangerous. i had to say something, even if the right person never hears it.
walk good.


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Sounds scary as shit! I've never even heard of it!

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