Friday, August 28, 2009

ink and additional newness

grims left this morning. just called to say he on the ground in d.c. he'll be back for a few days before the end of september to pack+ship his shit, but this is pretty much it.
i just finished cleaning house, dishes+laundry; new beginnings, ent?
grims was good enough before he left to take some photos of my new tattoo- as always, designed+executed by the inimitable darren cheewah (on a sidebar near you). funny enough, i been meaning to show chee the
website of this other tattooist (our meat is his) whose style i like partly because it's reminiscent of tim burton's sketches (shown us by paul roe who did grims' stunning ink). haven't got around to showing chee dude's work yet but somehow he designed me something in similar style, enough so that i wasn't the only one who noticed. serendipitous: new ink like other stuff i like but still definitely 100% chee.
i lovelovelove my new tattoo! big up cheewah biglove! (at least 1photo unsafe for work)...

walk good.


Blogger crazyfool said...

awesome ink. looks great!

10:59 pm  

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