Wednesday, July 22, 2009

life imitates art, and other revelatory experiences

it's been suggested of late that i modeled my trinidad noir protagonist on myself even more than i intended (clear+conscious choice) and pointed out later that i seem to be living my fiction. the very fictitiousness of the work suddenly comes under suspicion. i don't argue because i don't necessarily care what brings revelation, once it comes, inspiration attendant.
but nobody should die in the real story...
when a woman undresses and opens and offers herself to you the world fades away. i thought i understood that power when i realised i'd become a woman and was good with that knowledge. but now i sense in a whole 'nother, fuller way how amazing are these lovely creatures too-often too-simply referred to as "hot". her naked form over you, softly backlit, almost too beautiful to believe...
in mostly unrelated news, me+grims mash up. well, the marriage part, not the rest, we believe. don't know yet what, if anything, i have to say about it (except to comment that somehow, the tragedy's helping me wrest control from o.c.d) but we doing it soonish, so i expect it will come up.
meanwhile, in related news, the grimsalicious get nominated for a cacique award for the yet-unblogged-by-me 2009 3canal carnival show joy+fire lighting design, i hear. whirlwind tour, indeed...he also designing lights for the upcoming 3canal show; i stage managing and directing some, featuring members of the gutta crew. and in further related news, since isoke's griot productions came into existence to facilitate our gutta reading, we running with it, starting with a full production of gutta beautiful as soon as we can- big tings a gwan!- and want to create our 2nd (multidisciplinary) show from scratch (me+isoke as co-artistic directors)- we have a company burning for worthwhile projects and timing already sends collaborators our way...
after but before gutta, i'm in something with continuum dance project- check it:
Continuum has Something for the Little and Something for the Big
Continuum Dance Project will present its second venture for 2009 entitled “little stuff & big stuff” at the Trinidad Theatre Workshop in Belmont on Saturday, August 8 and Sunday, August 9. There will be two performances each day - the “Once Upon a Caribbean Time” stories for children will take place at 4pm, and Experimenta, a series of solos and group works by the company, begins at 7pm.
Artistic Director, Sonja Dumas, who is the writer and creator of the CD entitled Once Upon a Caribbean Time from which the children’s stories will be adapted, is equally excited about the prospect of encouraging budding choreographers in Experimenta. “There is always room for new thinkers and movers in dance,” she said, “and their efforts should be encouraged.” Dumas will also present two of her own works – Vapse and The Strange Tale of an Island Shade. The latter is a work in progress. Continuum Dance Project, which had its first public performance in 2004, is a creative laboratory that uses movement as its main tool of performance exploration in a contemporary context.
Admission to the Once Upon A Caribbean Time show is $30 for children and $20 for adults. General admission to Experimenta is $40. Reservations can be made by calling the Trinidad Theatre Workshop at 624-8502. Patrons are asked to pay at the door.
so, plenty wuk i going to get back to, not all mentioned here but all good. but as we talking entertainment industry, a brief comment on the shabba+buju concert in the savannah the other day before i go: plenty baby powder, limacol, marijuana, cigarette, hemp smoke- not nearly enough buju.
walk good.


Anonymous sinistra said...

was lovely to meet you in Trini, at long last - and hoping I can be around for the proper gutta production.

4:01 pm  
Blogger sweet trini said...

yay! you know i'll keep you posted. nice to have a face to put with the name- and did i tell you you looked nothing like i expected? walk good.

8:50 pm  
Blogger Kari said...

wow. thas a lot. walk. not just good, but strong.


12:38 am  

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