Friday, March 20, 2009

t'ief t'ing 3

the gremlin just wash her foot and jump in. i am to answer questions about her.
protocol "comment that you want in, and i will do each of the following:
1. respond with something random about you.
2. tell you which song or movie you remind me of.
3. pick a flavour of jello to wrestle you in.
4. say something that only makes sense to you+me (if possible; if not, something that only makes sense to me).
5. tell you my first memory of you.
6. tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. ask you something i've always wondered about you.
8. tell you my favourite thing about you.
9. tell you my least favourite thing about you."

1. you the only person who ever tell me keep the engine running while you dump somebody, and reach back to the car before the song even change.
2. funny enough, same song others said reminded them of me- maneater, hall+oates.
3. no jello- lettuce rematch.
4. nobody taking your buff seriously when you dripping wet+naked...
5. i giving 2 because the 1st is about you indirectly- 1st realising you weren't the puppy i requested and asking if we could trade you, then you bawling down the place and me trying to lift you and nearly breaking my damn back with your heavy ass (or heavy head, back then)!
6. gazelle/cheetah- something sexy and too fast to catch. more a cheetah; gazelles too skittish.
7. how you remember all your shoe options when planning an outfit? you have a secret catalogue with pictures of them to flip through?
8. your big heart barely protected by a thin veneer of bitch.
9. said soft heart makes me worry for you. that worse than every fight we ever have.

walk good.
ps: anybody else wanting in, please comment on whatever the most recent post is, so i'll see it, just reference the questions or t'ief t'ing.


Anonymous zed said...

i love you madly... i cried !!!

9:13 am  

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