Monday, March 02, 2009


i only feel a little bad for now posting about christmas when carnival already jostling for space, because carnival and related projects hot on the heels of christmas were good enough reasons for my lapse. problem is, now i forget most of what i wanted to say, but can't move on until i blog it because i've had it tucked in a corner of my brain for so long that i have to do a christmas post.
nico and the gremlin were both home for for the holidays so even as a christmas-hater i had a decent time or 2. me+nico together in sweet trini again after only 1 too-brief-time in 10years was a joy- we real lime, he stayed by us about half the time, kept me company while grims got surgeried, kept me company into the wee hours when i couldn't sleep, was a hot date boxing night, hooked me up with a best black cake, was the best best friend ever. come back, nico! i missed you whole carnival! and you know you missed it, too.
i even managed to get out of going to the parents for major christmas drama- with grims recently surgeried and unable to go out, we got them to come to us, thus making the whole thing short+sweet. but i still need to figure out how to get back to our pyjama-christmas tradition without upsetting anybody. i can't take the damn christmas stress and don't have an excuse for this year.
plus by the time the gremlin flew out, she managed to move all her shit into my guestroom, talking 'bout, she staying by us for carnival (3 whole weeks, dread!) regardless of my informing her that's what her mudda house for and i had already seen her for christmas. and grims told her yes! you see the set up...she even leave shit in my damn fridge! fus she feel she living here.
although i suppose i can't complain, she wasn't bad, even did some dishes and shit while she was here, bringing boys over so i couldn't relax home in my panty. but more on carnival the meanwhile, christmas2009 excuses welcome in comments.
walk good.
ps: actually just realised that every time i plan to post about time with nico or the gremlin, it ends up at least a month late. so i'ma blame them.


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