Friday, January 16, 2009

slow new year

as usual i somehow find myself with a bunch of shit to post but not quite ready to post any of it for a variety of reasons. tings a gwan, so posts sooncome: grims' surgery, nico+gremlin home for xmas, 3canal show+album joy+fire and paradise?jouvay, lilliput show based on local folk characters, ttw's 50th anniversary year+season, writing gigs just picked immediate news, 3canal launching album+show+jouvay in 1 this sunday.
but meanwhile, i also find myself concerned again about facebook stalking tactics. these creepy fuckers emailed me (hate how they keep culling my email address from members' address books) to say somebody added me as a friend and i was to confirm our friendship with facebook, in spite of it being obvious (especially to facebook) that i have no facebook account, thus cannot enter into this requested online acquaintance. yet without my confirmation, facebook is now emailing me facebook-invitations to events from said unconfirmed "friend"! how does this comply with the terms they originally set forth? i never said i was this person's friend or even agreed to be on facebook. and no matter how often i tag facebook email as "spam" it keeps creeping into my inbox. i thought the big brothering would stop when i left usa...fuckers...
other current concern: i think i'm in trouble- @ the "rennaissance fair" i developed a tiny crush on the lead singer.
thankfully, the act of typing those words seems to have cured me, but still love the ads.
walk good.


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