Friday, October 10, 2008

most awkward reunion

1st post from our new place! rental, not ours for real, but easiest move ever (and i've moved a lot in the past 9years) although we not done yet, still having no furniture and more boxes than functionality- not @ my parents is brilliant either way...and i was reminded of a story last night and really wanted to test-drive our new wireless hookup, so...
couple months ago, me+grims @ maracas on a weekday, liking ourselves.
i see old, old friends, who i didn't know knew each other but wasn't surprised to see liming together, all of us being part of the same small local arts community. we lock eyes, good to see each other after many years and i'm beckoned over to say, hi, yes, i back home in sweet trini for good...
so we ole talk for a short until i ask shane, "so how's veronica?" (his lovely wife).
"she died...glenda [the other old friend with him @ this moment] and i are recently married..."
see sweet trini, actually rendered speechless...

walk good.


Blogger angel said...

ooer... thats rough! couldn't they have given you a heads up!?

1:02 am  

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