Sunday, August 31, 2008

psalm for my fellow irreligious

psalmayene (singer/writer/actor/dancer) emailed the other day to say the band's video was complete, check it out. it made us seek them out online for the 1st time, in spite of being fans+friends for years now, since a random gig together in d.c. after watching the video, grims pulled up the other ps24 (link for more music) visuals on youtube, and the video that sparked this is cool and all, but truth is, i liked the grittier stuff better (more minimalist; i like the oxymoronic feel of that) plus we found footage of the multitalented jali-d doing his thing...
enjoy some vibes: peculiar lifestyle; jali-d; closing the set with their rendition of wyclef's(?) sweetest girl.

walk good.


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