Saturday, February 23, 2008


i maintained for years that nothing happens in american football- every time i sat through that shit with grims, it was just a bunch of dudes in tights, only about half of whom should be wearing tights in the 1st damn place, doing very little for 3hours. they occasionally run, occasionally jump on each other in some sort of unattractive homoerotic pigpile, but mostly stand around, scratching their asses. they do this for 3hours+change, for a game that only has 4 15minute quarters. even with breaks, that's @ least an hour lost to their waste. every time.
finally, i read in the may2004 playboy: "broadcast time of the 2004 [sponsor] sugar bowl telecast: 3hours, 43minutes. live game action when the ball was actually in play: 16minutes, 28seconds."
nuff said.
walk good.


Blogger angel said...

ah, it does the heart good when one is proved right.

8:24 am  

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