Friday, January 25, 2008

facebook is stalking me!

many facebook proponents have tried to convince me of its goodness+usefulness with the argument that it offers more privacy+control than myspace (not that i care about the latter, either) so you can keep in touch while being choosy. still not interested in joining, as a privacy freak, i was willing to believe that facebook was superior because of this. thus it's very disturbing to find in my inbox (especially since they shouldn't have my email address since i'm not a fucking member!) this email from facebook, that i was tagged in somebody else's facebook photo album:
Hi "sweet trini",
Sara tagged a photo of you in the album "Cast Party for WSC's
Contemporary Play Repertory @1360 D".
To see the photo, follow the link below:
Everyone can join Facebook. To register, go to:
The Facebook Team

when i clicked this link to see the photo, the top of the page contained links that claim to go to my "profile" and "other photos" of which there are none. so if i didn't give them my email address and all she posted was a photo, how the hell is facebook emailing me? i feel a little dirty...
walk good.
ps: sooncome, adventures in british ink- grims and that crazyfool are about to get inked by this dude who appears to be a master- plus, walking distance from home, very affordable, amazing portfolio, ridiculously encouraging this dude!


Anonymous zed said...

jus so you dont have to feel tooo dirty, sara had to have given them your email address when she tagged cause they ask if you want to alert this person of the picture eventho they are not a facebook they got the info from an informant ....

7:23 am  
Blogger angel said...

a few people have found themselves on facebook as it goes through your contacts list and all sorts to find information. i wonder how many users have actually read the terms and agreement that facebook has?

8:35 am  

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