Monday, September 03, 2007


so the b'day weekend was unbelievably successful- grims made me brownies and just inhaling the marijuana butter made him forget completely to butter the dish, plus he almost forgot to add water, too...
he made french toast with the eggwhites left from my making guinness icecream friday, and got a case of coconut water to offset some of the drug-intake with something healthy as well as tasty. stellar.
between marijuana brownies, homemade guinness icecream and coconut water, catching a coupling marathon (always brilliantly written- what friends would've been, had it been remotely smart or funny, which makes it ironic that they later made an american coupling which failed miserably, as evidenced by viewer comments on those imdb links) to vegetate to and discovering top gear following it was bonus!
walk good.
ps: how could i forget- can't speak for rest of the piece because i never had a second to breathe, but i think i delivered a strong iago saturday night and am feeling good about what i achieved with the character in a short time. and i'm not sure why the top gear imdb link says 1978, but i promise it's the right hosts and timeframe in the actual details.
pps: the subsequent acquisition of some haze in the wake of brownies might be the best cherry-on-top ever!


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