Thursday, August 30, 2007

falling down stairs

since previous weeks didn't bring their share of action i started this one by falling partway down the stairs, banging+bruising myself in a variety of unusual and downright silly places, making it oddly painful to do the simplest (and most unexpected) things. like sit/lie down. but iago's (i think?) coming along, and i have at least 1day completely off with grims and other treats coming soon. plus, grims is getting better. can't complain.
i have a lot to do, work+house-wise, in the next few days but sunday my mind will be @ the beach.
caught myself checking over my shoulder as i typed those words- i know that making plans is my downfall (brilliant movie, by the way; saw it as edward3 research) but the plan has no requirements i can't provide myself with minimal effort, so i don't think even my birthday can make it fail. i had to say it out loud(?) so the universe knows i'm not trying to rock the boat, just have a nice time.
walk good.


Blogger angel said...

ooer... how’re the bruises?

3:59 pm  

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