Monday, January 01, 2007

you can tell how much the new year matters... the unapologetic mishmash that is my mind:
john legend's current album sounds like a norah jones interpretation of stevie wonder. not bad at all.

when i was younger, i mean, for years, the mike myers thing confused the fuck outta me (long distance and an earlier preference for alex p. keaton are my only excuses).

i wish i could read this blog; but think i'm about to start reading this one.

i can't help thinking that the calendar is just a man-made construct, even if it does puport to be designed around the ceaseless movements of mothers universe and nature, fussing over their little planet. if feeling like one date holds more importance than another gets you going, use what works. me...not so much. i guess this is the other reason i don't feel a need to party on old year's night.

have you seen albinos in any race but black (think hair)? thus far: 1 yes, 1 maybe, 2 no's.

walk good.


Blogger Kari said...

Pruf's a lil ADD but he's a sweetheart.

9:44 pm  

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