Sunday, January 21, 2007


i'm thankfully no longer vomitous but still not feeling so good, and as somebody who loves her food prob'ly a little too much, this weekend is a misery of tiny portions of blandness, which is still a sad step up from thursday-friday's no food. thanks for the positive vibes, angel (for the scientifically curious, angel's the only human/dragon i know of who can't throw up, although we know that horses can't either).
and to touchback my post-in-waiting (not "muffin" etymology yet) does anybody have any ideas on how to maximise the "search this blog" feature? i'm still trying to find that elusive previous related post so i can link+write the one cluttering up my brain, and now i'm also looking for something i swear i wrote about daylight savings time being petarded, for similar purposes. i've tried every keyword i can think of, and not only can i not find what i'm looking for, i'm not even getting other posts that i'm positive exist and definitely contain said keywords...
when i asked for help the other day my peoples had answers right quick, so once again, pretty please...
walk good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so what do you call the combination of a horse, a dragon and an angel?
i can't get my search function to work either... i just don't use it!

3:35 am  

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