Wednesday, January 24, 2007

just happen to be

hustling up from metro to the radio station half-an-hour late i didn't even pause when i saw the well-dressed black man furrowing his brow outside the cvs turn confusedly and stop the brown-floppy-haired dude who'd apparently been walking ahead of me while i was looking down, willing my feet to get me inside before the cold finally drove my senses from me altogether. i smiled the "morning" i usually offer in spite of the district's refusal to acknowledge it, and zoomed around them, pleased with myself for not being annoyed @ their occupation of the sidewalk already slightly lessened by snow. i'm horrible at directions, anyway.
moments later soft steps catch up to me.
"excuse me, are you an actress?"
"well, uh...sometimes."
"yeah, i think i saw you in equus" (except, of course, he said it without hyperlinking)
"dude, that was totally me! wow. this is the 1st time anybody ever recognised me."
the rest of the conversation was inane, due to my shock over this bizarre happening. i desperately wanted to ask what he thought of the show, but thought it might be rude, and make him feel pressed to say nice things he didn't mean. so i babbled something about loving the show and recommended the (brilliant) script (he's a reader) to this lawyer named joey who wears black chucks and glasses.
i spent the entire day @ the station yesterday (technically, day before, but no sleep yet) and today thinking about joey, hoping to run into him again- not because of anything weird, but i just think i made a horrible impression. i didn't present myself as the intelligent, articulate person i know myself to be, and plus, i want to go back and ask him the questions that were circling my mind while we spoke about nothing and increasingly clamouring since. i don't care if it's rude- how often do i have the chance to throw away an opportunity to ask an uninvolved stranger why he saw a show, how often he goes to the theatre, what he honestly thought of the production, what kinds of shows he likes- because in the lobby, post-show, the only people who approach are those who liked it, and friends.
i have never longed to see someone i don't know this much.
and i know that this is tv and thus i lack segue, but how come when stephen colbert talked some shit about rosa parks the other night (when he had bill o'reilly on he said her descendants need to apologise for what she did) nobody made a fuss like they did over barbershop?
and why is it that whenever anybody shows reruns of the few tv shows i like (especially scrubs and x-files) they show that shit ridiculously out of order and replay the same 9 episodes 99 times when you know there are episodes you've never seen in years of watching still out there? i mean, is it really too much to ask that they start @ the very beginning? it's a very fucking good place to start. and since when we read we begin with a-b-c, could we rerun shit like do-re-mi? goddamn! do i have to tell them everything?
walk good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to continue to be the star I've always told you you are then you better get used to dealing with your adoring fans. Just wait until the paparazzi figure things out...

4:00 am  
Blogger crazyfool said...

i hear what you're saying about reruns and completely agree. ironically, in passing days i have seen episodes of chappell show that i never knew existed.

10:35 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my word- i thought south africa was the only place where the reurns were screwed up! i have resorted to buying the xfiles dvd set! 4 episodes per disc and all the seasons!
as for "joey"... if he's enlightened enough to have seen equus in the first place, then he'll know first impressions are not the best way to judge people! i say, take it as a little lesson for next time someone recognises you!

3:46 am  

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