Friday, January 19, 2007


this week was the 1st in awhile that i was home, but truth is, i still worked all day, every day, until the throwing up yesterday. reverse peristalsis is as horrid as i remembered.
i'm directing a middle school shakespeare production that'll be performed on a professional stage the 1st week of march. auditions happen next week and rehearsals start the following monday, so i have about a month- thank god it's only a 45minute cut, because full-length shakespeare would be nigh impossible with these limitations...
anyway, the real point of this post was to say i'm alive, just working and possibly ill, and i have something good to share:
army of one- nico doing my favourite track off his album superhero to many small insects. more tunes from nico sooncome, plus an interview with him for d junction...
walk good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

aaaw trini- i'm so sorry you're feeling shitey... since my op i am physically incapable of throwing up, but i tell you- i had a brief tummy bug and nausea and i would have given a kidney to be able to throw up and shake that biliousness!
the play sounds exciting. tell me- are all the kids in the play from the same school?

1:54 pm  
Blogger sweet trini said...

thanks angel- you're a doll. and i love the new winged dragon avatar.
but now (if it's not too intrusive) you must explain because science nerds like me are dying to know- you're physically incapable of throwing up? (i posted once about how horses are too) how did the surgery cause that, and what happens if you ingest something poisonous- do you have to wait and hope it clears on the other end without killing you or automatically have your stomach pumped? i'm going over to your blog too, because i remember while you were dealing with the surgery it was my crazy busy time and i prob'ly missed the details...glad you seem otherwise fine, though.
walk good.

12:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey trini! sorry i'm so slow doll... about the op, at the end of october last year i had a "nissen fundoplication" to repair a hiatus hernia. what the op entails is wrapping the top part (fundus) of the stomach around the base of the esophagus to create a new valve. a hiatus hernia means the stomach valve is permanently open so i had heartburn literally 24/7... unless i didn't eat at all for a coupla days.
i haven't had heartburn since and it is such a pleasure!
the only "complication" (for lack of a better word) is that i now cannot burp or throw up since the new valve cannot work in reverse.

3:32 am  

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