Sunday, December 31, 2006

rules of engagement (minor edit, 10.34pm)

'tis the season of shared holidays and parties, and this year was the first time i was forced to articulate my 2 personal rules for getting through the season with fewer homicides. but i think these 2 little rules could benefit us all, so:
#1- nobody should have to give up the holiday she wants so that somebody else can have the holiday they want. i thought i could be nice about it and i think i did ok, but when it was over i said we'd never do it again unless we really wanted to, because it seems like a small thing in your head in advance but in practice, once is enough.
#2- rules, other than door damages, byob and basic etiquette, defeat the very purpose of a party; costume requirements and similar restrictions can limit the partygoer's comfort level, which seems to go against what partying's fundamentally about. if one would like to indulge in and encourage costumes, that's fine, but making it a requirement asks people to relinquish the right to choose clothing that makes them feel good (within basic etiquette, since socialising implies that one has accepted the terms of the basic social contract we all adhere to by wearing clothing when we leave our homes even though we may not want to). since i stopped letting my mom dress me, the only time that's ok is when it's my job and i'm being paid to follow the script- i don't let friends dictate my personal choices. plus, since it is my job after all, why should i wear costumes in my real life too? especially @ a time of year when i have other priorities, like warmth, when getting dressed...i thought we were friends. and i know that if i don't like it i can just not go, which is why i'm prob'ly not, but if we friends, why make that necessary by being so exclusive? 'tis the season and all that crap...right?
happy newness.
walk good.


Anonymous yati the bee said...

you go girl!! i love to dress up only when people tell me that i don't have too!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!! (in a few hours time)

8:20 pm  
Blogger crazyfool said...

here's to a new year and a clean slate. salud. much love.

8:45 pm  

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