Sunday, December 24, 2006

is this post ever going to happen?!

so it's been percolating, like i said, and today i actually have the time to write it, but the obsessive-compulsive archivist in me is about to cry over blogger holding up production.
the post i'm ready to write is about something i'm pretty sure i've touched on here before, so i wanna pull up my previous post to see what i said then and how it compares to what i'm saying now, and (especially if they're differing views) link it in the (hopefully) upcoming post to allow for a more thorough examination when read- and even if my few readers don't care, i do. grims agrees that i've prob'ly posted something about this before, but no "search this blog" for any of the keywords i would've used brings up anything. and i feel like i can't write anew on the topic until i find the previous related post.
i know that this may seem ridiculous, but part of having a blog, for me, is having an archive of shit i'm contemplating, so i need to link the previous with the current for myself even more than for the one reader who may give a shit, and that's why i'm unable to proceed. but the thoughts are in my head, ready to make themselves sentences- so i'll keep searching, and hopefully a "real" post sooncome...
walk good.


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