Friday, December 15, 2006

i know i know i know...

but it's only because since equus closed i've been playing catch-up with housekeeping, with friends, with my i have my life back from the show, but not back for real yet.
in the meanwhile, a few small items:
1. jj, sadly for the rest of us reading fiends, has taken a hiatus- hence no fff last week, this week, or anymore, unless he decides to return.
2. world's tallest man saves plastic-eating dolphins.
3. and speaking of dolphins, they apparently get into batman too- everybody loves the dark knight...
4. and speaking of science (does the previous point really count?) i never thought i'd fall in love with a hummer, but the green hummer o2 is cool.
5. this is cool too, but do we still need a list of "wonders of the world"? i mean, with information as easily accessible as surely is for anyone who can afford to travel, i think we can make up our own minds what we each consider wondrous enough to check out...
6. censorship-supporters, killing art, not for the sake of public health, but because they prefer to bite down on the letter of the law rather than use logic.
7. and finally, just so we all know what's up @ some of our learned institutions (and big-up grims for sharing some of today's tidbits) the folger shakespeare library recently offered a midday lecture by tim harris, professor of history @ brown university and mellon fellow 2006-07 titled "they are a rude people, who inhabit the very testicles of the nation: towards a cultural history of prejudice in early modern england"...

more sooncome.
walk good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back! And that worlds tallest man thingy may be the best headline ever.

8:52 pm  
Blogger angel said...

i'm very heartsore jj has decided to take a break- he actually got my brain working and helped me exercise my writing muscle on weekends!
i love the story of the tallest man helping the dolphons! as for the dolphins... are they really "allowing" us to teach them... or are they smarter than they allow us to think? and that hummer is so cool!

6:55 am  

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