Saturday, September 23, 2006

sharing the love

so, besides the shit hitting the fan, the other reason i've barely been blogging is the project that's been keeping me busy- i'm making my 1st attempt ever @ writing noir, to deadline, and for the publishing house i wanna make a brilliant impression on since i want them to publish my nearly-done collection of short fiction.
it's hard, and i had some serious issues for awhile, but finally sorted them out (i hope), and was just pushing the words onto the pages so i had something to revise into dark, creative, crime fiction. i was sticking as i approached the end, but then we were watching scrubs on comedy central the other day, and i heard the same advice i'd heard sometime in the last few episodes of entourage (johnny drama needed something to stop him choking in his big film scene, and turk was suffering surgical stage fright): fellas apparently advise each other to masturbate to release tension before a major gig.
it would behoove you to know, this strategy really got my creative juices flowing. i highly recommend it.
noir, 1st draft, done.
basking in the aferglow.
walk good.


Blogger angel said...

ooooh- i'm impressed! i hope it'll all be published soon, i'd love to read it!

2:10 pm  
Blogger mernitman said...

so glad that all of us can share the love, so to speak (and wouldn't the world be a better place if people of all genders, races, et al, simply opted to um, "love themselves" instead of taking out their tensions on fellow humans?

all by way of saying, thanks for reminding me of that "immortal beloved" scene, which was heartrendingly sad and beautiful indeed (and didn't you also love the ending where he swam off into celestial moonlight-land?)... now i gotta re-watch this movie... and pack a hankie...

4:11 pm  

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