Saturday, August 19, 2006

of female empowerment and midgets shopping

so the other day a brilliant woman's (private) blog led me to an article about brilliant men betraying significant others, and this other brilliant woman commented on the fact that the article relegated we women to mindless conquests of said brilliant men, and didn't investigate the tendencies of we brilliant women- and she's right.
when i read the article it never crossed my mind, i guess because i'm already used to compensating for the world. my mind automatically inserted all the appropriate he/she's and (s)he's and him/her's and i simply assumed that it all applied to us too.
maybe that's giving myself away too much too easy.

completely separate story:
i must big-up kelvin farley @ the pac-sun in montgomery mall (m.d.) for being man enough to spontaneously invent a midget story for my personal entertainment. i was in there with a friend the other day and commented on the ridiculous height of their checkout counter (about 4feet, thus chest height on me, making it impossible to sign a receipt with any degree of ease) and kelvin jumped right in with a very involved tale of back in the day when the counters were regular height and a midget pulled up outside in a clown car with 20-ish friends (yes, inside the mall) and came in to try and return some pants (too long?)- apparently the pants were unreturnable, @ which point, according to our boy kelvin, the midget whistled for the rest of his midget posse, who bum-rushed the store, jumped up onto each others' shoulders and vaulted over the then-lower-counter, and assaulted the employee @ the register.
i was duly impressed with kelvin farley's innovation and have decided to share him. he says he's nivlek2004 @ myspace, which i've never been to and prob'ly never will because i know where to find him in person, but if you interested, now you know how to find him, too. i found him very entertaining as we meandered through his store, and you might enjoy him.

i'm working my way back to regular blogging- this next week i'm home writing for a project that i hope will place my collection of short fiction right where it needs to be. i'm prob'ly wrong, but i can hope and write with purpose for this, so it should be good for the blog too...
walk good.


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