Wednesday, June 14, 2006

rasta doh work for no cia

got called for a closed audition yesterday for a voice-over that would pay some very nice $. i got the call on my way to monday's audition, so by the time i was done auditioning and made it back home, i had the next one set up for yesterday, pre-jeans-shopping-on-the-way-to-meet-mom. so yesterday ceased to be my 1st real day off, and instead, today is.
en route to the audition, with grims+ilana in tow for the desperately-needed-jeans-shopping, i called to say i was on the way, as requested, and was unexpectedly asked if i'm a usa citizen- now, i had the side and it was obviously a cia-recruiting ad aimed specifically @ minorities and "varied ethnicities", since it asked that the voice-over-text be delivered in the speaker's "natural ethnic accent", which the casting call had said it was looking for. so i said i'm not, and was abruptly told that the cia'd called about a half-hour prior and said that it wasn't accepting non-citizens, so i was no longer in the running for this big-$-gig. boo.
now, the cia's business is their own shitty business, but i assume they can at least see the irony in their very-specific requests- they want you to have a "natural ethnic accent" but also require you to be a usa citizen...
then we went to finally get me some jeans, since i was unexpectedly down to 1 already-shredding-pair, and don't really wear shorts in dc, and hate khakis (next adventure: buying my own panties for the 1st time ever). now i'd been planning that the next time i bought jeans i was going back to levi's since the only reason i'd given them up was that i was broke in college (i was buying 2pairs of shitty jeans for the cost of 1 good pair, but the shit jeans were wearing out too fast and it seemed dumb after awhile, and i decided it's time to invest in good jeans again, since they're daily-wear for me) and something i saw about levi-strauss being one of the 1st hardcore equal-opportunity employers (racially- i don't know about sex) and insisting that black people be paid as much as white people, back in the day, strengthened my resolve. then zed mentioned the intellifit machine that resulted in her visiting us in d.c. with 5pairs of perfectly fitted levi's in different cuts, and as someone who always has trouble getting jeans to fit just the way i want, i was sold.
ilana needed pants too, so we planned our expedition to tysons corner (ewww) since they're the only local levi's store with an intellifit, and made it happen yesterday.
it was awful.
i never buying levi's again.
we each stepped into the intellifit hoping for miracles but knowing it could all be bullshit (the gremlin's not the hardest body in the world to fit), and got our printouts listing what size we needed on each cut that fit your preferences (which the machine asks for before you step in). we pulled exactly what the intellifit suggested, tried it all on, and every single pair of jeans looked like shit. then we went one size in either direction of each of our intellifit picks. then we tried on anything else in the store that sounded like it had even one of the things we were looking for in the cut/fit. then we just tried on everything.
3hours later, we were exhausted, unhappy, and unsuccessful. neither of us found a single pair of jeans in that whole levi's store that looked good enough to even pay the $20-sale-price for, far less the $50 shit we'd walked in prepared to buy, since the perfect jean's worth it.
so the intellifit was shit, the jeans all looked crappy on both of us, and on top of that, the employees were the worst. ever. worse than trini-style non-customer-service. the absolute worst. they were unwilling, unhelpful, and not knowledgeable about their own products. 1st we thought nobody worked in the store besides the intellifit, which doesn't count since it's inanimate, then some employees later gave wrong information (only after we hunted them down to ask questions) that had to be corrected by others (not that it helped, since the jeans were worthless, anyway) and the whole experience left us feeling horrible.
so we went for ice-cream, and decided to check the directory to see if there was a calvin klein store (i've had well-fitted ck jeans before), and instead saw that there was a delia's. joy! i'd had delia's jeans back when i met grims and loved them, so we decided to give delia's our last desperate energies.
we walked in, and the selection was so much smaller than the levi's store that i was almost discouraged, but a half-hour later, we both walked out thrilled, with multiple pairs of perfectly-fitting jeans that'll still last, and for less $ than levi's.
so if you're a short female, with hips, thighs+ass, and want jeans that won't drag 3inches behind you and/or be huge in the waist if they fit your hips+ass and/or die within 18months of purchase, forget that levi-strauss shit. check delia's (yes, it's not all trendy crap) or calvin klein (i've only had 1pair, but they were excellent).
next story: recent sex-toy-tupperware-party...
walk good.


Blogger JJ said...

Good God, you can turn a simple act like buying jeans into the adventure of a lifetime. I can see the themepark ride now...

12:43 pm  
Blogger sweet trini said...

thank you, sir. i take that as a compliment.
walk good.

12:53 pm  
Anonymous Aly said...

Shopping for jeans is as bad as shopping for bathing suits. I've never found a pair that fit at the waist and the hips. And I've never been able to have a pair successfully hemmed. They always end up as floods, or I don't hem them and they drag on the ground or I have to wear heels (which is stupid cuz they're jeans). I'll have to check out Delia's. I've always stayed away because a certain former roommate of ours used to buy her sparkly platform boots from there.
And by the way, how could you be at Tyson's (right by my work) and not bring me ice cream? No fair.

2:39 pm  
Blogger sweet trini said...

so funny you should mention our crazy-ex-roommate, cuz i was just talking about her, but had forgotten that she shopped @ delia's. i was actually introduced to delia's when i was still in the dorms, pre-crazy-becky, and have to say that for all her sparkly platform boots, in the 2times i've been in the store, i've never seen anything that looked like she'd buy it. especially in the jeans section...
and sorry i didn't bring you ice-cream; we were pressed for time cuz after jeans i had to go meet mom, and the whole time we were trying shit on she kept calling me, so all i could think was jeans and mom. the ice-cream was to make us feel better about the horrible levi-strauss experience.
walk good.

5:03 pm  
Anonymous keifel said...

it's just as bad for me. you know my ass, i spent almost 4 months going for store to damn store trying to find a pair of jeans that i didn't have to tie to my waist to fit my ass, eventually i found a pair at an eddie bauer outlet, bought two and i beat them to death, i'm hoping that i can find another pair that fits because they're starting to fall apart.

5:25 pm  
Blogger Jenn said...

Hi. I'm Jenn. I'm 26 years old, and I shop the Delias catalog. Seriously. It's definitely not all trendy, and actually fits an hourglass figure...

10:08 am  

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