Monday, April 24, 2006

fff's back, and so am i...

so i know that i've been gone longer than usual, but rehearsals, performances, dance class+workstudy, plus a minor personal project that took much longer than i expected, kept me pretty busy until today.
so i'm posting my fff entry, barely-within-deadline; but 1st...

me+grims finally ate @ zengo in chinatown last week, and it was sooo goood! it's mexican+japanese fusion, and we liked it a lot- food, decor and overall atmosphere (especially some of the waitstaff), plus, they serve real caipirinhas. we ate tapas style for the most part, and brought home leftovers that inspired grims to cook some real gourmet shit to go with it on another night. he did some fabulous fish and perfect sides and his food was as good as zengo's. so zengo was yummy at the time, and future dinner inspiration- a little pricey, but if you really check out the menu, you can do it affordably (especially if you get sushi) because we ordered more than we needed, assuming the appetizers wouldn't be filling, but found they were.
then friday night, i hit the argonaut with the dance crew, and was pleasantly surprised by my 1st visit to our neighbourhood bar (yay for stumbling distance)- not too loud, not too smoky, cool vibe, good drinks+staff (while squeezing by me trying to make myself small against the bar, one of the guys said i should definitely have an argonaut jersey since their tagline is "the best booty in town" and he agreed that i do indeed have it) and i am now the proud owner of an argonaut crew jersey, with the obligatory skull+crossbones pirate motif (which i love), that proclaims, appropriately, right above my ass, that i have the best booty in town. needless to say, i'm thrilled. plus, it's a good quality jersey and fits really well (yay for people who understand the marketing value of baby-tees).
on the negative, we tried to see black orpheus @ the silver spring afi, on the encouragement of bucky and jj, and now i have to hate yet another fucking establishment! the silver spring afi told me on the phone that there was lots of space and i should just pay @ the door, so we metro-d and trekked up there, panting slightly from the rush, and got through the door to find one of those velvet-rope-but-more-like-elastic-band-barriers that only allowed us to go one way, immediately entering a line. so we assumed it had to be the ticket line, because nothing else would be logical- right? especially considering that after forcing patrons coming in the main door to go only one way, the silver spring afi didn't see fit to have an employee @ said door to possibly answer questions about how/where to go for any other services, or any visible signage.
so after standing in line for a few minutes we realised it was the food line, not the ticket line, and were looking around for a ticket-sale point because there's no fucking signage in the lobby, and then some dude finally comes up and says that all those needing to buy tickets should go over there (he pointed, and opened the barrier at the back end of our line for people to get there) at which point, everybody in line behind us rushed over, and we got there last in line. by the time we got up to the counter-with-no-sign-to-say-ticket-sales-here, they had just sold the last 2 to the assholes who'd initially been behind us, and got into this line ahead of us.
i don't care what they're showing- the silver spring afi is shit, and that's why they don't even get a link.

alright. onwards+upwards: big up
jj for setting up this flash fiction friday and sometimes keeping my brain from exploding.
i don't know about my fff; it was already monday morning when i had a moment to write, then i was interrupted and completely lost my thoughts and had to start over. i made myself finish because i needed to jumpstart my brain, but my apologies if you find this entry unworthy:

Before you assume that I must be... absolutely sure, to be making this commitment in the first place, let me assure you that i suffer no such delusions. you can never be 100% sure about anything, really. i just aim for anything over 50% because expecting greater certainty would be pointless folly.
but i’m pretty sure – whatever that means.
i think that this could be beneficial to myself and my life, and with the lack of any glaring evidence to the contrary, believe that i can take this monumental step forward.
it is true that i have a deep-seated fear of commitment, but i admit and consider it fully as i make this choice – i think this is important and valuable enough that even my fears are saying that perhaps they could be wrong, and maybe i do need this.
besides, even my parents are happy with the idea, and they’re probably my harshest critics – after all, they’ve been witness to all my other mistakes and know my weaknesses, my desire to always keep my options open, just in case i find something else i want to devote myself to...
so i think i’m ready now, to sign away my soul. i suppose i can always cancel the whole thing if i change my mind – i mean, i know how complicated and heartbreaking that can be, but the option exists, so i have a backup plan, which is all i need to allow me to finally say, yes, i want to do this.
so sign me up.
i’ll give up my alone time. getting my ass back into pole-dancing class’ll be worth it. it’ll be good for me.
i think.

walk good.


Blogger Gnomey G said...

Ah yes, pole dancing. Ma and Pa will be sooo proud ah you. Mmm-hmm. Uh-huh.

11:25 pm  
Blogger JJ said...

You missed Black Orpheus? Okay, get thee to a video store.

Pole dancing? Is this when you dance on someone who's from Poland? I'm 10% Polish, so maybe you should practice on me first.

10:07 am  
Blogger Beth said...

I had a feelign this wasn't going where I thought at the start! But I had no idea it'd end with pole dancing!!!


12:05 pm  
Blogger sweet trini said...

gnomey, i try my bestest to be everything they could possibly want in a daughter.
jj, i'll be by to practice on you shortly, as soon as i get done with grimkvsky. have your 10% polish pole ready...
beth, i'm glad it brought you a smile, cuz i was feeling like i didn't do so good this week. but even if it's not brilliant writing, if it makes somebody say "sweet" i feel better.
walk good.

12:30 pm  

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