Tuesday, April 04, 2006

a few items i been meaning to mention...(post-posting edit, 7.51pm)

1. jamaica has a female prime minister.

2. 2 americans were granted
patent #6,212,772 on april 10, 2001, for the "process for the formation of a caribbean steel pan using a hydroforming press and the resulting pans".

trinidad+tobago played the most matches toward qualifying for the world cup finals.

4. fundamental question for the actor: what is the reality and how can i make it real to me?

5. the biggest part of white privilege is not having to be aware that it exists.

6. i'm a conservationist even in the letter-to-letter parts of my editing process.

7. you know tv's bad when you see an ad for a show that you assume must be a parody, then realise is taking itself seriously.

8. i've always assumed that my chewing's not as loud outside as it is inside my head. it only just occurred to me to check.

the asshole guest on the daily show who blithely assumes that the world must be cool with usa's tactics because countries aren't "ganging up" on them prob'ly thinks venezuela's threat to limit usa carrier flights based on "principles of equality, reciprocity and fair opportunities" proves his point, because his asshole tendencies don't allow him to see that many countries don't have the resources to counteract the kind of political blackmail that started the problem in the first place.

10. i turn up volumes in multiples of 9, because it's the magic number.

walk good.

edit: forgot to mention when i 1st wrote this that we saw dave chappelle last night as part of our anniversary celebration. he was great, but the audience shoulda shut the fuck up and let the comedian make the jokes. audience members were so obnoxious that i actually found myself wishing i knew dave so i could call him and tell him send me an advance copy of the dvd instead, so that i didn't have to suffer the fools around me to see his set. i guess it was a defining moment for me in my lifetime of people-hating. i considered skipping a live show just to avoid people...


Blogger JJ said...

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Blogger JJ said...

There's such a thing as white privilege? Why wasn't I notified?

I think Dave has that block party demeanor that makes his audience feel like they're all just standing around tossing out zingers.

The guy on the Daily Show would have been a great PR man for Hitler (excuse my Godwining the post) because he could have said, "The Czechs must love us. They didn't fire a shot."

MLA never fails to point out that my chewing is actually louder outside my head than a medium sized jet aircraft.

You must be bumpin big if your idea of medium volume is 18.

Stumble Drunk.

12:48 pm  
Blogger stace_m said...

Hello miss, thanks for linking the T&T blog. Hope you're enjoying the randomness :)

1:57 pm  

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