Wednesday, March 22, 2006

brain in a tangle

now, this exercise is largely dependant on your knowing people with dreadlocks at all, but i'ma throw it out there anyway (and keif, i really wanted to link up your rules about people with dreads, but you have no search function i can find, damnit): do at least 60% of all the people you know with dreadlocks also wear glasses, or is it just me? i swear it applies to all the people i see, even...
and i think i just finally, as i wrote the above paragraph with no forethought of what it was gonna say, unexpectedly but happily decided which spelling of dreadlocks is best. yes! that makes life so much easier.
walk good.

ps: i'm gonna see pirate porn @ a b'day thing this weekend! full report to follow! and big up jake for bringing it to pass, although i don't know why i'm linking him since he doesn't post anymore. goddamnit.
pps: i don't know why but that reminded me of my weird uncle keith, which reminded me of his strange brother, my uncle deryck, which reminded me of their was-secretly-married-to-his-secretary-for-5-years brother, my uncle seepoy (his real name is russell but we'll get to that when we get to him).
one @ a time, boys:
my uncle keith has a gate outside his house, but no fence. when coming or going, he unlocks the gate, opens it, walks through, gently shuts it behind him, and locks it back. he makes you go through the gate when you go there.
my uncle deryck has gorgeous, long eyelashes. when he was small, he got tired of people saying he had lashes like a girl, and cut them off.
problem with that is, while one's eyelashes are growing back apparently the eyelash-stubs jook you in the eyeball every time you blink.
that's plenty.
my uncle seepoy's real name is russell. they call him seepoy (and i mean, everybody, all the time, to the point where i thought it was his real name until i was in high school and this girl in my year was the niece of his then-girlfriend-soon-to-be-wife-in-secret-for-years-before-the-family-knew, and she came up to me in school one day and said, my aunt lystra is going around with your uncle russell, and i said, i don't have an uncle named russell, and everybody in their family thought i thought i was better than leslie-ann-niece-of-the-woman-who-was-secretly-married-to-my-uncle and was just denying her a link between us) because he looks so chinee, and when my mom and 12-5 siblings were growing up, they had things hard because my grandfather, the beloved basil, had left my grandmother to marry aunty janet and have 2 more (legit) children, so they had to send seepoy to stay with basil's brother in venezuela and his kids, and seepoy never quite got over it- but he speaks fluent spanish- and he was secretly married to his secretary in his office that he shared with his father, my grandfather, the famous basil, for years without telling the family, and now he+lystra have 5 children who all have japanese middle names because he does a lot of business with japanese dudes and has a lot of respect for their culture, but their first boy's first name is alpacino, because lystra, the toonts, really likes the actor al pacino, so this youth's name is alpacino narojito smith.
ppps: this post now officially contains more "ps:" than post.


Anonymous keifel said...

it was in the right hand column, here is the link:

8:20 pm  
Blogger JJ said...

Yes, yes, yes, but why "seepoy"? What does it mean? That was some of the best family tree shaking I've seen in a while, Trini. I should do mine some day, but it's so East Texas hillbilly I think everyone will lose what little respect they have for me.

2:00 pm  
Blogger JJ said...

Okay, Blogger is acting crazy so this may be a double:

P.S. - As you can tell from my new photograph, I am no longer wearing dreads.

2:02 pm  
Blogger sweet trini said...

gotta love family! seepoy was just something chinee-sounding, i guess. doesn't mean anything i know of...
and thanks for the link, keif- i suggest everybody check it out.
walk good.

7:07 pm  

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