Thursday, August 04, 2005

thanks for reading

so to answer rosie, thanks for asking, i've mostly managed to remember in spite of lacking a shakespearian reminder- sometimes a few hours late, but i've taken it every day, and as far as i know, there's nobody growing inside me, thank grims.
and jake, you right, the old lions do fight back, so i guess that leaves us with the chinese (? i think) village that sends the elderly of a family off to the river with no food or protection to die when a baby's born...

so i got this computer and wireless internet access, but with scrawn and grims' mom both staying with us this week (and dionne in the guest room, of course) while i was still @ the radio station, i still haven't blogged like i'd like to get back to. and tonight, when i was counting on getting some words down, i somehow managed to burn my right index finger and this hurts like a bitch.
so thanks for reading, but i'll be back tomorrow instead.
walk good.


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