Monday, August 08, 2005

one more thing...

so i completely didn't mention how well pericles went. it was good enough that somebody else asked me to read miranda for his staged reading (for the same series) of the tempest- dc does a lot of staged reading in summer. this will be my 4th.
but it was fun, flirting with watkins (until i died) and having an excuse to look cute (which rarely happens onstage)- cam (director) said there's so much travel in pericles that she wanted us to wear the most exotic outfit in our wardrobes- needless to say, when an american tells me that, then puts me onstage with 10 other americans, my cultural sense of style makes it easy for me. and that's not ego, just my experience talking. i don't consider myself exotic, but americans who don't know me, do.

and that 'one more thing'- those with qualms about too much information, stop now.
bravehearted: i got my first-ever wax today, and accidentally got a brazilian. for those who don't know, a brazilian wax involves tearing out (yes, from the roots) all the genital hair, leaving just the tiniest 'landing strip' from your clit to the middle of your bush (well, where the middle of my bush had been, because by then it was no longer). and when i say all genital hair, i mean specifically that there was a point when i had my legs propped open on either wall so 'heidi' could get to those less-reachable labial areas, and another when i had my legs crossed @ the ankles (while laying on my back) and pulled over my head so she could get in from the back.
can i say ouch.
i said i just wanted my bikini line done, but i think when i mentioned my fear of the brazilian, she thought i meant i was scared because i planned to get one. and by the time i realised how far she was waxing (genital pain is the kind of pain you don't want to think about too hard when you know it won't be over for another little bit) it was too late to stop her- how fucked up would it be to have half a brazilian wax...
so i feel like a stripper every time i look down at myself, and have a whole new respect for my girls down @ royal palace who do this every few weeks, just for us pervs.
grims likes it though...
walk good.


Blogger Jake said...

If this is at all comforting, I've known you for six years and I don't find a damn thing about you exotic anymore. Except maybe the Brazilian wax. And eating waffles with a spoon.

5:00 pm  
Blogger DicKravitz said...

whoa....well you leave nothing to the imagination my dear...not a thing...My best to Eric. By the way...what IS your last name now? It is terribly ignorant of me to have no blessed idea but I feel a bit ridiculous sending you mail with what might very well be the wrong last name. I don't want Eric to take offense and well me up in the basement or some such...
Forgiveness Implored-

10:15 am  

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