Saturday, July 30, 2005

fiction #5- "soucouyant" part 5.

so it's been a long break, but of course, checking back to fiction #1, #2, #3, #4, is just a click or 4 away...

"But apparently the boys say no. They say is not their fault the government-appointed guides leave them alone for no good reason, and nobody could really argue with that. They say they want to stay, and the guides, who were getting paid, ride out and leave them behind with no regard for their safety. All the reps could do was suggest they not stay there unprotected, with these dangerous and unexplained happenings.
The science boys might have been scared but they wasn’t ready to give up the job yet. But the government wasn’t expecting that response so they didn’t brief the reps on how to handle it, and them reps wasn’t getting paid enough to stay there and fight them down, knowing what was coming.
Then the very next night, the third scientist disappear. We was saying the last one must come down and go home. For sure. I mean, who would stay after what happened to the rest…
But we underestimate him. He come down the following evening to look for the researchers staying in the local guesthouses, and ask some questions. The whispers start again as he reach Loango. Word was he wanted to try and catch it.
When they went back up the following afternoon, it was him and five other science boys and a truckload of plexi-glass and steel and some tools, so we realise they serious. I don’t know what the hell he tell them but it had to be good – you would think they would prefer to keep making day-trips instead of risking their lives for frogs, far less jumbie-hunting. Apparently science is a force to be reckoned with. And technically nobody could stop them neither. They were within their total of six, and is not their fault the government-appointed guides gone – and it had nobody left to check whether they had papers. I just couldn’t believe they get that truck up there…"

walk good.


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