Tuesday, June 07, 2005

no easy feat

this is a brief one (for real though) just as a catch-up.
i'm learning lines and taking breaks to edit fiction with the aforementioned goal of posting my work here.
the weather's finally liveable, fast on it's way to becoming unliveable in a whole different way- although you'll never read a complaint from me about dc being too hot because i'd rather strip naked and sweat than wear multiple layers of clothing and freeze.
the garden's fabulous- 3rd box built, dug, and laid; corn already peeking out from the 2nd box, just a week after planting; lettuce table-ready, herbs picked and drying with more where they came from, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, cuces+zuccs coming soon in the 1st box; adjusted retaining wall and stone garden path next on the list.

on the negative, grims' laptop, after repeatedly refusing the cd-burner that we trying to entice it with, is suddenly also anti-internet, so i'm working on my dinosaur, which is great for editing my work since that's where it is, but ridiculously slow for anything else. so i'll be posting sparingly, since i do have shit to get done this week. brevity is never my strong suit, in spite of my aspirations to be ever-more-concise, so anything i post this week will be the condensed version of itself.
but never fear. geeks will arrive on saturday to solve all our computing problems, and hopefully accept lettuce, sage, cilantro, basil and rosemary as legal tender for whatever services i need rendered.

walk good. summer's on!
ps: whitey, if you still reading, i'm so fucking thrilled for you + your princess...


Blogger whitey said...

Incidentally, I just got a chance to sit down and cruise through blogland this morning. Am doing so.

Thank you. It is lovely.

2:20 pm  

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