Tuesday, June 14, 2005

long time no write

i know it's been a week. but my computer turns out to be slower than i remember. or maybe it's slower due to lack of recent use. but i'm @ a point where i get online everyday to check email and hopefully blog, but checking email literally takes hours just to get through the work related stuff, and another couple to get through my mom's slew of dirty pictures, at which point i'm too tired and frustrated with my molassesnet to spend another couple hours getting a post completed, and usually have something else, like dinner, pressing.
it's unbelievable, but it truly takes me the full 6-hour-ish span between lunch and dinner to simply check email on the dinosaur. so on those other days when i have gigs, days with shakespeare gigs and vagina monologues rehearsal, or yesterday, that started with a commercial shoot and ended with me seeing 2 friends' most recent work, i can't do shit online.
so if anybody wants to be my benefactor, i'm in the market for a sugar daddy/mama with laptop/fridge/stove $ to spend...(that would be stainless steel on the latter 2 appliances- i know beggars can't be choosers and all, but we did buy this house intending to improve it and sell it for enough $ to build our house in sweet trini from the ground up, not forgetting the production company with performance space+used-bookstore).
i have also not been able to squeeze in any online reading this past week, so i'm hoping to manage a little catchup today, after the next few hours of hardcore emailing. i'm looking forward to reading- feeling like there's good stuff out there, especially after the reading of patrick's play yesterday, and seeing jake perform @ another comedy night (i'm not the only one feeling productive). and after today's extra-patient, extra-conscientious, systematic email-backlog-diminishing i'm planning on jumping into once i publish this post, i might be able to have some fiction ready soon, assuming that after today's catchup, keeping up with my email will be less time consuming, even on the oldest laptop in existence...
fuck, i can't complain- it might take all day, but at least i have a computer and can use it to keep in touch with my family on the other side of saltwater, and friends i only know through thoughts they transpose into text...
wish me and the dinosaur luck.
i miss you all, and hope to be back to regular-speed surfing+posting within the next 2 weeks.
please bear with me.
walk good.


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