Monday, September 07, 2015

...and we go set yuh free

been awhile because i gong through it, again, but this is always me way, ent...but couldn' let this day go unmarked...
went+vote like i was going in the bank (or any other line-up i this damn place): carrying book+water+sweater for the wait-in-line; only to become the gyul holding up production with too much shit in she damn hand while they (in spite of me) move me quickly+effortlessly from station to station to verify my non-i.d.-having-arse and lemme vote+ride in 6minutes flat, including the time it take for 1lady to ask if i's a baddest when she watch my passport photo and me give her the story about being vex because the jackass man refusing to take my picture, talking 'bout, the beads in my hair[!] would apparently affect facial recognition [nevermind that the soon-to-expire passport i turned in to initiate process and several before it clearly acquired/renewed with said beads in place]...them so efficient today i end up telling the lady i feeling slight letdown by how unmomentous the moment was, oui...[to which my mother would steups+say, "look how yuh cyah please black people, eh..."]
walk good.


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