Wednesday, July 29, 2015


my attempt@ flash fiction friday #65; [inclusions]trigger: frustrate, elate, irate, inflate [conjugate to suit]

it does take time; rome eh build in a day and neither can you. and is always more disruption than you expect, requiring more repair than you anticipate; you never know how far you gone until you try to return.
[you] cyah remember wha’ to do with the day or how to be out in the world, wandering, lost, in dark space and empty tracts of time, not knowing which of life’s potholes you drop into and no sense of how to dig your way back out neither, frustrated for letting yourself come to this, confuse how you fall so far and eh notice your descent…you give away too much.
the dark eh wha’ you fall into, is wha’ you face when all that left is pieces of you fluttering weakly in the wake of the vanquisher. the dark is the hole left where before you were independent spirit in warrior mask. the dark is what you will pull the remaining parts of yourself tightly together over and use your remaining breath to inflate with something resembling life so you can at least accomplish wha’ you here for.
[you] cyah let them break you. when things fall apart, gather your torn+frayed edges and begin fresh; no time for the damage trying to climb up out your throat and inflict itself on the world to ease the pain in the place it originate. when you find yourself irate, fastforward through the chaos from feeling loss to feeling lost to finding+rebuilding a self; what feel like it may never come, will, and fighting your way back brings elation you never expect…you never know how far you gone from yourself until you try to return.

walk good.


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