Thursday, June 11, 2015


cyah keep sitting on good ting to share just because i eh making time to be as discerning as i desire in the process, so again, hasty wash-foot and jump eeen...
still eh sure, after several rereads, what exactly it is i like about this story (but apparently i do) the human phonograph by jonathan tel.
this, i know i like, just now getting to it because, life; stumbled across+shared 1 of matt getty's stories the other day and he came by+commented so i went to actually check him out and fell for another of his stories [linking you to his actual website this rounds] she falls down.
this story is somehow an unexpected loveliness, even on multiple rereads, the ironworkers' hayride by robert olen butler.
and carol emshwiller's mrs.jones a different kinna delight...
and again, with cat rambo's magnificent pigs.
this video, a gift from my macomere; i sure i supposed to be offended by its commentary on how women viewed under the male gaze+etc. but it too true (of how minds can be) to not be absolutely hilarious to is tropical's "dancing anymore" before i spoil the surprise with words to help my archiving masturbation+house-porn...
and as we talk archives, yao ramesar (whose upcoming last dance of the karaoke king i am fully determined to be in, and have thus already informed him thusly) [film]documents (about halfhour) dying elements of trinidad's traditional mas (bat, minstrel, black indian [with speech]).
and closing with more for the archives, some of trinidad's current music scene as seen+heard+documented by gira latina; loving mungal patesar+pantar around 8minutes (always love me some mungal!) and the amazing robert munro to close later, playing that cuattro straight into the core of me...

walk good.


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