Thursday, May 28, 2015


like i say (and like i also say often, lately, some of these links months old, but ideas still fresh):
purely selfish; i need to be able to find this again, on how to make edible+stackable lego gummies.
for everybody, a view of whole sexual anatomy, starting with the brain and following with solid science about aaalll the parts [aaalllthe parts!!! even the ones you didn' know could do tings] and what they about.
anthony howe's gorgeous moving kinetic sculptures are fascinating, managing to look like something from nature, and alien, at the same time...
einstein+tagore discuss the nature of reality...
definitely to be findable for future reference, how to delete your google history.
on corruption+culture; not exactly us here in sweet t+t[afra raymond, embedded] but valuable lessons for us (and others) still.
and a piece of trini history, unearthed, under the red house, no less! archaeological remains of saladoid peoples, theories surrounding them and the place+time...
heartbreaking read, kelly sundberg's it will look like a sunset.
and even more heartbreaking and incalculably more beautiful read, possibly the most heartbreaking+beautiful i read for the year, lesley nneka arimah's light.
plus 1st glorious aerial photos of cuba!
and closing with a video i loving not just because the track is an alltime favourite but because this chick delivering lyrics in signlanguage mashing up, reminding me of a good friend of mine i miss terribly, plus she reminds me of the translation battles i wish i could jump up in and sends my mind spinning in a few directions i liking...enjoy...

walk good.


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