Wednesday, May 20, 2015

links spinning for months+months now...

plenty links because i lapsing since year start, backlog eh fully cleared since i was still awaiting new machine so extra words@minimum this rounds; archive+share, 1time:
not actually sure how i feel about this, but leaving the dildo of your partner's ashes right here for future reference, just in case...
hilarious[+interesting!] miles davis blindfold tests [and, of course i substituted 1+2@url to read the rest].
5 literary art projects with delightful results; gorgeous illustrations of finnegan's wake, moby dick, et al.
was thinking meself about why so many so quick to claim "(slight) ocd" for behaviour simply anal-retentive or perfectionist; this gives a more accurate picture of why much of that is wrong, and frustrating for those who actually do battle ocd.
ting to read, the inimitable martin "mice" raymond's comparison of contemporary carnival bands with a tight historical intro.
the more you know...correlation between lead levels and violence+crime, with handy nb about how much lead remains in our immediate ecosystem today in spite of unleaded gas and paint...
and yes, the more you know and all, but this i post as a reminder of how fucked up people truly are, with the clear warning that you may not want to know these details of the cia torture report's grisliest findings...
a good, clear and truly useful bicycle-analogy for race/privilege, since conversations seem eternally fraught...
and now badness aside, warming up the eyes because i closing with videos, great shots of some wonderfully curvy women.
1st funny

then funny froggies

then the amazing baryshnikov+buck for rag+bone

walk good.


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