Monday, May 04, 2015


this week i actually, magically, finish writing my fff before deadline[!] but lack of internet access to check a single detail and then post, mean it only now going up. but still, close to deadline, allyuh! flash fiction friday #53 trigger: …if nobody ever understands, you give up trying to explain…

fire? smoke, almost definitely, but…
nostrils burning but instinctively flaring as my brain struggle to make sense of the invisible alarm, i turn, slowly, half-expecting to find everything behind me somehow silently, coolly, ablaze.
still no sign but the unmistakeable smell. i finish my rotation, circling back to see the rabbit, waiting. nose twitching and everything. extremely rabbity.
his voice is nothing like i expect, a velvet hammer all out of proportion with his size, a not-even-full-grown rabbit with a voice so big if it weren’t cushioned by bass it’d be terrifying…at least, as terrifying as a fluffy brown bunny could be.
i feel vaguely like i should be more surprised, but i wonder about the quality of his voice just day before when he saunter into the yard as i was doing a final polish and decide to read it to him; he listen hard, smile+wink at me before he stretch backward, rearing up on his hind legs, baring his jaws, oddly like a cat, just like the thundercats logo in fact, then hop over to the nex’ clump of grass in the driveway…
what the rabbit actually saying finally start to penetrate and i remember the smell of smoke. i forget myself completely, walk out my house naked as i born, down the road, and lean on the neighbour doorbell knowing how hard mrs.bridgemohan does sleep.
to this day nobody believe how i know to go and wake she that night, and if nobody ever understand[s], you give up trying to explain them how truth stranger than fiction. but all mrs.bridgemohan lose was the back room of the house insteada she life.
nex’ day everybody who play 2 and 23 mark win.
i eventually just start saying “i had a dream”…it was easier for everybody to hear.

walk good.


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