Thursday, April 23, 2015


quick+dirty, before nex' fff because some of these resources waiting months now to archive; thus in no particular order:
lemme get the terrible item i archive for the sake of being able to demonstrate certain basic human stupidities out the way 1time and simply say that it cannot be unseen, and ciara eh have no business en pointe (so much so that i even hesitate to call this that)...
and 1time make it better with some gorgeous reading: george saunders' escape from spiderhead; e. lily yu's the cartographer wasps and the anarchist bees; isaac asimovs' the last question; and bonus only, as it eh the whole story which breaks your heart after sucking you in, excerpt of shirley jackson's trial by combat.
and just in case it take even more to get past that previous travesty, shitload of fela kuti albums here.
decent piece on everest telfer jr., local legend, piece of we culture, who just the other day was inveigling me to go dancing@51degrees and cyah possibly be dead, jes so, jes so...more local cultural history, the literal+figurative shift of desperadoes panside, plus more, caribbean beat's pieces on history of carnival and our major mas-makers.
and photos of the black british experience of my parents' era, simply because we need to see weself more, and plus telfer woulda approve...
art+science making cool visuals, mri-scan gifs of produce...
solid infographic based on hollywood's oscar-influence that bottomlines the need for diversity in the arts, but really, in everyting...
and on social issues, in case anybody looking for an excellently simple+funny consent analogy that non-obnoxiously highlights the ridiculousness of refusing to understand the issue.
plantation economics and big-up marshawn for defying them and making me give a shit about someting happening in american football since the other day when i 1st had cause to blog both marshawn+masman.
and because, just because, this 9lb multitool-with-pistol[!] actually exists, and for more funny, women rejecting proposals in western art history.
this trailer shows up the lack of production values and other issues that plague trini original run+gun flick welcome to warlock, but i think as a trailer, it doing it's wuk, and well, so big-up

and now just read this [shivanee send me] by danez smith:
alternate names for black boys
1. smoke above the burning bush
2. archnemesis of summer night
3. first son of soil
4. coal awaiting spark & wind
5. guilty until proven dead
6. oil heavy starlight
7. monster until proven ghost
8. gone
9. phoenix who forgets to un-ash
10. going, going, gone
11. gods of shovels & black veils
12. what once passed for kindling
13. fireworks at dawn
14. brilliant, shadow hued coral
15. (I thought to leave this blank but who am I to name us nothing?)
16. prayer who learned to bite & sprint
17. a mother’s joy & clutched breath

walk good.


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