Tuesday, April 28, 2015


not quite sure how i feel about this one yet, but the point is to challenge self and step out the comfort zone, ent? so, my flash fiction friday #52; [inclusions]trigger: miss, bliss, kiss, hiss

how to miss somebody you eh talk to in 3years:
secretly, because you should be good+over it by now,
try, for your sanity, to pretend they doh exist;
everytime the phone still eh them
adjust expectations downward
so as to always leave room for hope,
the hiss of your exhale incomprehensibly melancholy to your current caller
who will never think to just ask
because they don’t
know you;
dream the bliss of having never met, loved, lost,
knowing still you’d have it no other way,
would never trade such [an] experience for mere obliteration of pain,
every kiss in memory a knife
cutting away the self you willing to offer;
more than you thought you’d continue to as time continues to the inevitable;
more than you ever thought possible the instant you hear they completely gone, beyond the furthest reaches of your belated apologies+regrets…

walk good.


Blogger victoria raschke said...

Lovely and raw, in a good way.

3:42 pm  

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