Saturday, February 28, 2015

...and a 1st

last of the shortest month, 9pm-ish, new machine in my lap, this moment a 1st in a series...1st album, i intentionally waited to listen to d'angelo's black messiah, and sooo glad glad glad waiting also facilitated the particular company i got to enjoy+feel it with, 1st flick was gifted by my boys and they choose just right for me...1st email will be jj, after this post, and my heart soars with anticipation typing those words...
machine actually reach immediately pre-carnival, hence the stretching out of these 1sts starting postjouvay, which was such an amazingly glorious one i have no words except, "give thanks+praises, for a rawkus morning..." and big-up doctor dj rawkus for saving my life time+again, that song, that song, that song; the canals gifted me a wondrous season and i needed it, needed exactly what warrenman wanted from me, as always, us working together giving me life...
much else a gwan but, so emotional and that shit hard, so when better processed, perhaps...meanwhile, ting to read[+listen]: 7stories by junot diaz [plus bonus ting to listen+watch because when cody chestnutt get it right, he's hit hard, and i feeling both song+video this postjouvay]

new machine, dread; we on like a socks! plenty posts, sooncome...
walk good.


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