Tuesday, April 15, 2014


tonight she awaits the moon. lighting one smoke after the next while a single block of ice melts slowly into the rum. staring up+out at the night, into her darkest corners, under her blanket of quiet shrouding the world. only cocquis+crickets, not a car, not a footstep, and the streetlight out weeks now. she sits on the gallery step because it keeps her low enough to be out of sight if anybody should happen down the lane, but she expects no one. not coming this way, this lane, this hour. she is, as ever, alone with her voices, her demons, awaiting the pale gleam that is her only company anymore. sunlight feels like acid on papery skin after too many years hiding.
tonight she awaits the moon. watching smoke curl up and dissipate slowly, one small cloud at a time taken by the breeze she wished for earlier the day, she wonders if this is why the universe must keep expanding, to accommodate spirits like hers that never leave. she wonders if the added weight of them all (because in a world of 6billion she cannot possibly be alone, no matter how it feels) will grow too heavy, overtax the expanding universe and cause the whole of time+space to collapse...the soul that break the continuum's back?
tonight she awaits the moon, craving the caress of soft light on her face, the closest thing to touch in her life anymore. she tries to recall a lover, any lover, before the night became her only friend but they all seem too far away now, too far gone, too far in the past, too far...
tonight she awaits the moon because only the company of timelessness makes her feel less alone...

tha's where my head at; these links went into those [excerpted]words and the script they part of, so, archive-time:
it was only on reading this that i realise i grow up and come through primary school instinctively assuming a multiverse, tha's just what made sense in my mind, and only in reading fiction i came to understand it wasn't (then) popular theory (not that that stopped me believing)...next realisation was that for such a realist and one so very real i engage a lot of un-real/theory because for me real still mean anyting possible...ent? implications of the "many worlds interpretation"; keep it real.
and words, gorgeous words, a hunger like none since from teju cole's every day is for the thief is beautiful reading and a good jumpstart on slow writing days; he's make me wanna do it jes so...
plus i randomly find this sweet infographic for all shakespeare's deaths, love eeet, only to discover is my gyul cam magee ting; bes'!
and while film might not be my primary medium this particular one (and its amazing andre tanker soundtrack) always had+have something for me so i revisit often; recently find this piece of context for 1974's bim.
and as we reach film territory, this skrillex video gimme plenty to watch; mash up the dance: and the shortest film ever nominated for an oscar just remind me to take nothing for granted...

and bonus, because i love the idea, and the visuals pretty fucking cool, nigeria's floating school...
walk good.


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