Friday, April 18, 2014

quickie; 3fer

big tings a gwan: in this universe, nasa find the 1st earth-size planet in the "habitable zone" of another star; in our neighbourhood, haitians locally manufacturing their own low-cost tablets, each one handmade by the same woman start to finish; and sweetness from home, a kinna 2fer inside the 3fer, 1st link primarily for audio but with its video of band playing it live@panorama, and if that eh visuals enough, 2nd link is audioless footage of port of spain, trinidad 1970-79, shorter than the 1st so you can watch both while the steelband play...
love this pan tune, posted a medium band beating it the other day, plus i's a [amoco!]renegades fan through the parents and uncle desi since childhood; check them playing de fosto's in de minor:  
port of spain, 1970-79, no audio, real vibes but didn' see my parents though, rats...  
walk good.


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