Tuesday, April 29, 2014

come down in time

watching weather change over diego martin hills, gorgeous view traded for the one i left behind in st.james. on the bench, gentle, tiny raindrops in eyelashes, wetting cheeks+forehead, heralding what the sky promises will be epic. clouds gathered for their regular afternoon meeting, early stages of the rainyseason, soon this will be a daily deluge.
rain outs my smoke, is time. lingering glances back as i make my way inside. some days i stay, sit in the downpour, let it wash over me, wash away the thoughts i cannot control as well as i'd like, wash away regret, doubt, anxious insecurity, wash me clean, at least for a little while...
and in the interest of clearing space (how does a person so averse to clutter constantly amass so much of it, mental and otherwise?) lemme unload my brain...
if/when i finally get my shit together enough to think about my future, i think i need an earthship-home. valhalla movement still new to me, but i cyah argue with beautiful+sustainable living...
along related lines, i saying since my 1st mobile phone that we need to be able to build custom phones and only pay for the features we actually want, and it looking like we might be getting there; meanwhile, this dude shows how easily it can be done already, building his own smartphone using only off-the-shelf components.
and now for something completely different, complete switch, music+video because i finally check out stromae and he too good; take in some amazingness: papaoutai

and tous les memes.
and bonus, another someting cool, but totally different again; alt-j's fitzpleasure.

walk good.
ps: ooohhh and this gorgeousness; neil patrick harris as hedwig, officially the only other time i wanted to be back in the usa (the 1st time being fela on broadway)...


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