Wednesday, December 04, 2013

true talk, tabs-of-interest, trini reggae vibes

long time. life happens.
tings to link, ting to talk, time short; wash foot and jump in, no?
the biggest problem with my being a "writer" is that these words i writing doh pay. writing plays doh pay unless commissioned; we write plays to have them produced, to see them live onstage, in my case, so i have ting i want to direct and/or perform, and we the theatre community have more options. yes, i want to write books too, collections of fiction, maybe a novel, then i'd really feel like a proper writer, but in the most immediate sense, i want to create theatre that speaks to me, and hopefully us, now, so: plays. and meanwhile all other words+ideas sit, noted but unreviewed, waiting. waiting while i write a play that takes bread out my mouth every moment i spend on it, trying to spend as little time as i can afford selling my time to others so i have it for this play.
i am broke. i am way more broke than you think. way more broke than you think i'd let myself get. way less safety net. way more broke than is believable for the person i appear to be.
but then we never are quite who we appear to others, are we?
that said, try to understand why poor people make poor decisions.
and while we on understanding others, i thought this was a brilliant way to make the point about "choosing" sexual preference. and how not to be an asshole.
and now speaking of fabulous, these looks are stunning and make me wanna get funked up and party hard, as do these costumes, hilariously contextualised. and speaking of creatures of beauty, love me some fine black men...and more on beauty, artwork created to look like another medium...
and in closing, 2totally different+unconnected videos; 1clever+fun+welldesigned promo (worth watching all the way for 2nd half lifevest+evacuation choreo, plus outtro so fun:  
and one bes' vibes, bes' tune by people i pleased to know; buzzrock's dubwise riddim:  
and a piece on pointe shoes just for me...
walk good. dance hard.


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