Saturday, December 29, 2012

lesser crashes birth new freedoms

my 1st+only email account, with me since my teens when in the wake of the commodore64 uncle tommy showed me how to build my own computer, got hacked the other night. i knew as soon as my phone receive spam from myself that i know i eh send, about me+family being mugged of everything in madrid and desperately needing $, moments before my addressbook started responding (informing me i was hacked, a couple to ensure i was safe+sound, 1 friend lambaste the spammer, who apparently replied, to his own detriment, not knowing i only friend smart people).
i had what just became my primary email account a few years now because i thought i was about to switch providers, then didn't, and even started backing up my original to the new 1. besides spamming both itself and the "new" account, the hacked account also wiped all its contents, which i wondered about in the wee hours when every single email of that account's 200+ in my phone inbox disappear all at once, and confirmed when back@machine i put aside being scared of opening the hacked account to pull addresses for the new one, and see all contacts missing too. i trying to do shit by memory and frustrated, but at the same time, the complete wiping of that email account means i no longer have access to vitriolic content from former loves, or even contact information for those who hurt me most, and that feels like if not quite a clean slate, a slate much clearer for the lack of recent heartbreak.
and speaking of heartbreak, big up one of my favourites, kim johnson, for linking the story of my life (ba dum dum chhh): the drum, the why factor, how it speaks to us and moves us.
and the story of the photographer who accidentally captured the unimaginable moved me enough to repost even though i said nothing of the tragic incident itself.
walk good.


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