Sunday, October 21, 2012

coulda shoulda woulda

lately i want to write. i want to write sooo baaaddd. but as much as i want to write, have ting i need to write, supposed to write, dying to write, somehow, all the ting i want to write have me too caught up thinking about all the glorious options to put fingers on keys or pens...i mean, i knew i wouldn't have a full day to nothing-but-write for weeks+weeks but that shouldn't stop me putting down words; doh usually stall me...but i seem so in love with these ideas i percolating, i want to turn them over awhile longer even though i know i set myself deadlines for a reason. glad my 1st nothing-but-write day sooncome, if for no other reason than ensuring this post is a start, not a mark-time...
walk good.


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