Saturday, September 08, 2012

strangers on the train

i often have experiences like this on public transport, both in d.c. and sweet t+t (way more in d.c. though) but thought i was just unlucky. thankfully none of my experiences ever reach such a violent pitch, but more than 1 left me scared and on the verge of tears in public.
the only thing she left out (for me, anyway) is the early annoyance i feel when the dude in question acts as though i was clearly only reading because i have nothing better to do while waiting on some man to come save me from my life, and now that he reach, clearly i should drop it; never that i reading because i want to, like to, enjoying and want to continue doing so, rather than engage with strangers on public, please; we's people too...and walk good. 


Blogger sweet trini said...

not that anybody cares, but i realise nex' day that it probably doh get this extreme in t+t public transport because we too close in maxis+taxis here for people to get on so...walk good.

12:33 am  

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