Thursday, August 23, 2012

in dependence?

50years in the making, this nation of shrinking imagination, where we ignore our most innovative selves and idolise what outside dictates. we are our best natural resource but let leaders chosen from shamefully slim pickings leave we the people languishing in plannings and paddies, foreign stars brought to both police and provide distraction for apathetic minds emptily seeking escape.
we exist in dependence, our welfare in hands busy pushing us aside to snatch+grab for money+power, but we say we independent…50 years in, will we continue to blindly celebrate ideals we only pretend to pursue, or are we ready to meet this 50th independence day with a commitment to we for we?
now is the time, the time is now to do for we and be for we; we matters must matter to we, love of liberty not merely forged but fostered through love for we the people, we nation, we culture, we future.
walk good.


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