Monday, August 22, 2011

vote curfew party

while i write, lockdown in my livingroom that i always tryna run back to until now they say i hadda stay in and it suddenly reeks of confinement, st.james quieter than i ever see+hear the place, except maybe the wee hours of ash wednesday morning. but this stillness different from the annual post-revelry hush.
prime minister announce state of emergency sunday evening before the president even sign off on it, no real details to guide people (maybe)needing alternate arrangements for monday, people go to wuk not knowing how reaching home wukkin until the powers that be deign to press conference@noon (except who have no work badge or jobletter to get a pass and hadda cancel wuk when news of public transport early lockoff buss later in the afternoon). we try to sleep sunday night knowing that the police and army empowered with special provisions we doh know enough about.
emergency power regulations
state that we no longer have the right to meet, march or protest, just as labour disputes have public servants and police officers threatening strike. the prime minister issues a limited state of emergency that not so limited (sans presidential approval) and the acting commissioner of police sign a curfew order before actually appointed a.c.p. all while police commissioner gibbs and deputy ewaski out of the country without proper knowledge of the commission, the former detained for illegal entry into another a pardner say on fasbook: the red house should be on the list of crime "hotspots" [thus far targeting predominantly black areas considered lower class] as tha's where most crimes against this country occur.
but i have long maintained: trinbagonians will take chain up, bobol and mamguy, and revolution will not come until they ban carnival; we riot when they threaten dance+drum. our democracy boasts an apathetic electorate, taking whaever they give us and obediently giving up as much as they choose to take- but remember benjamin franklin say, who "can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
they say the state of emergency is to take down (violent) crime and i for that but how, exactly, this supposed to wuk? we supposed to believe, with no longterm plan from the powers that be, that criminals not smart enough to take a 2weeks vacation and come back robbing+shooting + burning+looting come mid-september? when smaller criminals who cyah afford vacation get ketch doing their daily hustle, with the lack of opportunity our young men face we supposed to believe it doh have a nex' crew already jostlng to take their place? and a nex' crew rolling up to replace them? we supposed to believe little black boys on the block importing the drugs+weapons? laundering money on a streetcorner in neverdirty, morvant? local might be making a comeback but vincy still have the market, and who have more $ smoking arizona.
those behind the smuggling of drugs+weapons that fuel local crime are those behind our politics and industry, close enough and boldface enough to look we in we eye when they wining, groping hands deep in our taxpaying pockets, backed by our administration.
dialogue is necessary- sometimes we forget, because people around us understand and talking sense about the problems and dangers our nation faces, that others may be less informed- but we also need r/evolution. we cyah wait for coup d'etat mindset to start looking good; cyah wait until another generation must fight to the death to effect the change our humanity demands.
meanwhile, latenight doubles vendors will reset bodyclocks to sell breakfast or starve when current supplies run out; murray street and environs will feel like the disguised graveyard fares forget threatens the incautious; freelancers without passes will become hustlers as hustlers without options become pipers, and band launches will simply become curfew parties.
walk good.


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