Monday, July 04, 2011

there is hope

lovely visit today made me feel better about life, the universe and everything, so i hadda big-up the purveyors of these hope-coloured glasses i sporting. 2youths i know through their brilliant parents came to lime with me and the whole time i couldn't stop thinking: my friends are bes' parents raising youths ready to take on whaever this crazy life brings- yay! (confession: i totally did a happy dance afterwards...)
this brother+sister come from, even by today's standards, an unusually complicated family structure, yet are 2 of the most well-adjusted folks i know, adults included. lise+keif+vic doing an excellent job with legreat + the boychick (najaa wasn't with us today) and it made me so happy to feel for a change like the future might be in good hands. legreat and the boychick real tight, which is wonderful to see, especially as they didn't grow up together, from different countries and had no connection and didn't even know each other for the 1st half of their lives. but these 2 have clearly claimed each other as siblings and watching their interaction, catching kicks on them telling stories about each other, hearing them talk everything from art to politics to relationships, made my cynical soul glad; intelligence, independent thinking, commonsense, openness to the universe and its endless forms most was a love day; big-up my extended family...walk good.


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